On Aug. 3, 1999, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch launched the Community Web Sites network as an integrated part of its news-and-information Web site, I was one of five newsroom editors on the design-and-management team for the site as a whole, and head of a two-to-four-person team to design and run the community program. Like many newspapers at the time, we gave Web space, training and publicity to community groups in our area - but we aimed to take the concept farther. The community area's prominent place on's home page indicates not only its importance as a project in itself but also an unusual notion for integrating it into the Web site. We intended to pair community-generated information, forums and events directly with news produced by Post-Dispatch journalists, so that when readers came to our site they would be able to read what journalists had to say about an issue, then what knowledgable community groups had to say, and then head off to events, related Web sites and (someday) online databases to deepen and broaden their understanding of that issue and get personally involved. We looked forward to a time when much of our best information for the community came from the community, and we would be experts at pairing, matching, sorting and combining it with news. | Next Page | Back to Resume

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Disclosure: The page below is a composite of most of the Feb 1., 2000, home page and the Aug. 11, 2000, communities window, which is more representative of the norm than the one that actually ran on Feb. 1. Click here to see the original page.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2000 | Updated at 11:04 p.m. CST
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Vermeil retires
Two coaches
Rams head coach Dick Vermeil with new coach Mike Martz, center, and Vermeil's wife, Carol.
(Karen Elshout/P-D)
It's official: Dick Vermeil ended two weeks of speculation and announced he's retiring as head coach of the Rams.

"I don't want to be the head coach in the next season and say I should have retired when I was on top," Vermeil said at a 5 p.m. news conference at Rams Park. "The time is right. Very few in this profession get this opportunity."

Just 48 hours earlier, Vermeil, 63, led his team into its first Super Bowl and brought it out a winner. It was the second time in 19 years that he'd coached a Super Bowl contender. He led the Philadelphia Eagles to the Super Bowl in 1981, and that 27-10 loss fueled his return to the profession in 1997.  (photos) (links) >>

News & Commentary >>
Gore beats Bradley, McCain surprises Bush in GOP primary
Arizona Sen. John McCain scored a landslide victory over George W. Bush on Tuesday in New Hampshire's leadoff primary, puncturing the aura of inevitability that had buoyed his Republican presidential campaign. Vice President Al Gore survived a toe-to-toe challenge from Democratic challenger Bill Bradley.  (photos) | In News

Investigators search Pacific for clues in deadly Alaska Airlines crash
They've found no survivors aboard Flight 261, but have recovered the bodies of an infant, two women and a man. Photos | In News

Bias accusations against Adam's Mark cause groups to rethink meeting plans
The Episcopal Church has pulled its convention, while an academic group will meet in St. Louis but hold a protest. Links | In News

Ferguson-Florissant students design a game to help children on state standardized tests
The high school inventors will distribute several hundred copies of the game beginning next week to teachers in Ferguson-Florissant.| In News

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Watch your laws being made
Keep track of proposed laws and learn more about the people who will decide in Missouri and Illinois.

Announce your engagement
Post a photo, tell a little about yourself, and let everyone know when and where you plan to hold your wedding. All for free in the Wedding Guide!

Win Billikens tickets
Answer our trivia questions correctly and you could win tickets to see the Billikens play Houston on Feb. 12.

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Composer's St. Louis work takes him out to the ball game
Phillip Kent Bimstein uses "found sounds," like a bat hitting a ball, in his compositions.  (links) | In Music

Women of a certain age have gobs of fun saving the wilderness
The Great Old Broads for Wilderness have taken on ranchers, miners and the Bureau of Land Management in their fight to keep motorized vehicles out of designated wilderness areas and to restrict grazing, mining or any other activity that permanently scars the landscape. Photos | In Entertainment

TV programming for Black History month is more balanced this year
Whether it's cable's growth or the suggestion that racial matters are being discussed openly again, this is one of the more balanced months of black history progamming in years. | In Books & TV

Join the online A&E community or read our online brochure. Look at how some groups are getting their word out right now:
African Chorus, St. Louis
Theatre 101
Thimble & Thread Quilt Guild

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How about it, St. Louis? Super Bowl champions. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?  (photos) (video) (audio) | In Sports

Blues finally defeat Avalanche
Finally, a victory and a shutout to boot for Blues coach Joel Quenneville against his former team, the Colorado Avalanche. Photos | In Sports

Love lifts St. Louis U. over Louisville
Billikens win 3rd in row; Cardinals lose 3rd in row
SLU 52, Louisville 48 | In Sports

Rush helps Mizzou beat Texas A&M, 93-62
Kareem Rush scored a team-high 16 points, had three assists and three steals. Photos | In Sports

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Romance of the road
You've all felt it: the breeze in your hair, the buzz of the car engine, the sheltering glow of the Vacancy sign in front of the motel or RV park. What monks on Himalayan mountaintops achieve by meditation, Americans achieve by hitting the road. The Web is full of places for road romantics and many of them are right here in our network:

Gateway Avanti Owners: The first requirement is a car, preferably one with the top down, a radio that tunes right into the music of your imagination, and chrome for the sun to shimmer on. Why not a classic?

Apache Village RV & Camping Club: Then there's a place to stay. Why not bring your own? Like the dinosaur of old, the recreational vehicle is the lumbering king of roadside America. You can go away for a weekend, or be Lewis and Clark for a week - with hookups! Check out the Heartland Jays as well.

Pallottine Renewal Center: But the ultimate aim isn't physical distance but spiritual: renewal, cleansing, coming back to life refreshed, and there are places where you can have that only a short drive away. You can find more by picking through the Recreation & Travel area of our network.

In Community Web Sites: | About our Web sites | Communities by topic | Communities by place | Where You Live | Create a Web site

You can apply to join any of the Web sites in our network - and start to receive automatic updates on what they're doing - by clicking the Participate button on their home pages. But keep in mind that each time you do this, you send your email address to the Web site's administrator.
(spacer) Taking each other, for better or verse
Whether it's sentimentality, peer pressure, or romance, a wedding seems to scream out for verse, something that sums up your unique relationship in 15 pithy lines and leaves the guests dabbing tears from their eyes  (links) | In Marketplace

Extending the lives of appliances
Many homeowners instinctively feel that fixed appliances (furnaces, central air conditioners and water heaters), are simply too permanent and complex to be included in a routine maintenance schedule. If this is your position, it's a costly one | In Marketplace

Stretching: The truth
A study in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine this month says stretching before exercise doesn't prevent muscle pulls and strains | In Personal Care

Nicole Farhi: She's taking New York by storm
Farhi is a household name in Britain. She is an eight-time nominee for the British Fashion Awards, and now her fashions have hit America | In Apparel

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TWA loses $92.7 million in the fourth quarter
Produces worst showing since fall of 1996  (photos) (links) | In Business

"January indicator" predicts a bad year ahead for markets
Analysts take theory with a grain of salt Links | In Business

For Silicon Valley whiz kids, making money is easier than finding the time to spend it
Workaholic lifestyles, high costs are only part of the sacrifice for making millions.

| In Business

Online brokerages look to get into the advice-giving business
Established companies seek Internet presence Links | In Business

Telecom shares lead rally; Nasdaq wipes out loss
The Nasdaq composite index ended a three-day losing streak, rebounding from a 3.6 percent tumble as Qualcomm Inc. climbed.

| In News

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